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S. Umaru, M. A. Hassan
I. S. Diso
A Software for design of power supply system using Grid system was developed. The software has a size of 30.6 MB; it requires a computer of minimum speed of 166 MHz and memory of at least 64 MB and a hard disk space of 40 MB to function well. A windows operating system of at least windows 98 and office application that have Microsoft Access and Internet explorer are also required for proper functioning of the software. The software has the advantage of saving information in a database system. It encompasses forms that design and (or) modify the system. The input required for running the software are the basic design specifications like load, power factor, growth rate and amity name Additional inputs are region KVA, length of transmission lines, and street light requirements. The output of the software shows the required bids of engineering measurements. The software was tested with some cases of known solutions and the bills of measurements obtained were compared with the actual values. For grid supply bills of engineering obtained varies between +1.75% to +8%.
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