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About Us

INTERNATIONAL CENTRE FOR ADVANCE STUDIES is an independent organization devoted to organize research papers.

Our mission is to publish the esteemed and exciting researches with respect to the subjects of our functional journals. We want to inspire the new students for researches and Scientific Discoveries in the various fields of science by publishing new research articles.

ICFAS is the association of Scientists, Professors ,Research Scholars, Engineers of various fields like Engineering, Mathematical Science, Statistics and other Scientific researches.

We had a dream to contribute to the progress and application of Scientific Discoveries. With this noble dream we had set in our journey in the year of 1989 with “The Institute Of Mathematics And Computer Science” later for more convenience this journal was split into two parts. Now these are known as JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL SCIENCE and the Journal of COMPUTER SCIENCE.

To reach another fields of Science , We introduced, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING in the year 2006.Later in the year 2010 we introduced INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH. This journal is associated to all the branches of allied Sciences(PHYSICS CHEMISTRY BIOLOGY GEOGRAPHY and so on).

The esteemed research papers, published so far made us what we are today. Our members of the editorial board made our journey more smooth and tempting.