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Okpeki U. Kazeem
Afieroho O. Okugbe
This paper is a comparative analysis of GSM vehicle immobilizer and vehicle tracking systems. With the view of integrating these systems into the Nigeria police security networks and other authorized security outfits in the country. From the wake of modern automobile technology, there had been a clarion need to equip vehicles with anti theft system aimed at abating the prevalent high incidence of vehicles snatching. Both systems use the GSM technology. With the GSM vehicle immobilizer you can control vehicles remotely, including blocking of doors or engine. With the tracking system, the police or any authorized security outfit can simply follow the signal emitted and locate the stolen vehicle. The existence of both security systems would be very effective in helping police recover stolen vehicles, reduce insurance cost, because loss risk of vehicles drops significantly. It can be use by NNPC to monitor her distribution networks to avert diversion of products. The systems can be used in private, public and industrial vehicles.