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Shadrack Mathew Uzoma
Shadrack Mathew Uzoma
Direct reduced iron (DRI) is the iron produced from iron ore in the solid state without passing through the intermediate liquid state. Direct Reduction Technology is a viable process route for producing DRI especially in those countries with ready availability of iron ores and natural gas. The storage and transportation of DRI has been attended with onset of metal fires due to its high level of reactivity. This reactivity problem is due to the production route which imparts on the end product high degree of porosity, high specific surface area and poor thermal conductivity. There have been five instances of spontaneous combustion during transportation of DRI on ships [1]. Sequence or mechanisms of reactions initiating this problem is not too clear. But it is known to start with low temperature aqueous corrosion reactions culminating in high temperature oxidation reactions. Alabi [2] put forward detailed understanding of the mechanisms of reactions initiating self-ignition of DRI. The purpose of this paper is to formulate the mathematical models addressing the Auto-Ignition Tendency of DRI. This is to enable more clearer understanding of ferrous metal fire and moreso to foster more practical solution to the problem of fire hazards during transportation and shipment of DRI.