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Otubu, P. A.
Interest involves the relevance of information and communication technology in Nigerians’ economy. This refers to several form of information exchange between two or more computers through any of the several methods of interconnections. Information and communication technology provides the most versatile and inexpensive means of acquiring the necessary economic growth. In modern global economy like Nigeria, ICTs are intensively utilized for electronic transactional processing and in supporting various fields like banking, governance, engineering, health, education research fields and education in accomplishing their global and economic task across the nation. The Internet services have allowed people to always gain access to their information for businesses transactions. The emergence of the global information infrastructure presents extra opportunities challenges for the country. Information and communication technology (ICT) has greatly contributed to the development of a new type of entrepreneurship based on creativity, the ability to network, openness to virtual environments and intangible assets, high level of agility immediate responsiveness and the continues accumulation of new knowledge. This makes it imperative for higher and broader skills and competence, through continuous learning, the updating and enlargement of skills. In the long run, there will be improvement for competitiveness, productivity and job creation.