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Ongoebi O. M. Etebu
Ongoebi O. M. Etebu
The crux of this paper is evaluation of the Risonpalm performance in terms of palm oil production using fifteen years as a basis, with a view to proffering measures for adequate planning. The production data for fifteen (15) years was used as yardstick while the yearly palm oil production levels (in tons) was used for the production planning initiative by plotting a life circle curve. The production life cycle approach, which constitutes three distinct production profiles were analyzed. These production platforms include production build-up phase, Plateau Production phase and production decline phase. The forecasting of the three different production profiles was done by applying and calculating respective production functions that describe each one of them after smoothening the life cycle production curve. The build up phase (introduction and growth) was found to be linear angular upwards; the plateau (maturity) linear horizontally while the decline developed on hyperbolic module. The life cycle was discovered to be very transient in that it peaked at the fifth year of production, was steady for another four years and then had declined continuously for another six years with no likelihood of resuscitation as the data indicated.