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Nwokoye C. U.
In the late 1990s, effluent and sludge materials were indiscriminately discharged into mud pits without arty form of treatment. Site investigation was conducted to determine the extent of soil contamination. Pilot test was therefore undertaken to determine the composition of the sludge and thereby design an optimum ratio of the sludge and stabilizing reagent to transform the material so that the hazardous constituents are in their least mobile or toxic form. Solidification specifications focused on homogeneous missing to reduce liquids using strength as an indicator of stability. Based on long and successful history in waste stabilization/solidification, cement was identified as the principal binding agent. Test results indicated that the oil and grease concentration from the original sludge sample was reduced from 200mg/l to 40mg/1, Barium was also reduced from 517.2mg/l to 1.235mg/l after solidification and unconfined compressive strength of over 500psi in 6days was obtained Field job execution using laboratory pilot test specification resulted in solidified blocks using the sludge and cement as a binding agent. All test results after treatment were within the acceptable limit specified by the regulatory body (Nigerian Department of Petroleum Resources) for landfill disposal