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Mbina, Anthony Adomi
Udoh, Ebong Sunday
Urban renewal has become a very crucial issue world wide. It has become necessary in most urban centres in the developing countries to address various problems associated with urbanization such as the problems of traffic congestion, decayed or dilapidated buildings, slums, erosion and poor drainage. It is often carried out with the intention of improving such facilities in the affected areas; so urban renewal could rightly be seen as a comprehensive scheme to address a complex of urban problems. For instance, the problems of unsanitary, defiled or obsolete housing, inadequate transportation, poor sanitation, haphazard land use, traffic congestion and other services are some of the key issues urban renewal schemes seek to address To this end, urban renewal could also be seen as a programme geared towards rehabilitation (bringing substandard structures up to a prescribed standard), conservation (spot clearance in order to upgrade an area), and redevelopment (including rehabilitation, clearance and reconstruction) of an entire area. Consequently, in this paper, we intend to assess the effect of urban renewal on traditional architecture of Uyo, a fast growing urban town in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.
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